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Thursday, May 28, 2009

If It's Not One Thing...

Right. So. I had an interview for a potentially-cool part time job today; got a phone call from one of my temp agencies that assured me things were a go for *another* part time job, and by some stroke of luck I still have my first job, working for the producer. And I may be picking up some freelance copy-writing/editing work in the near future. Woot.

I certainly won't be lacking for opportunities; in the coming days. Will I.

With one fire (being finances) being relatively doused for the time being, I am left with small recourse but to examine the other 'problems'. I'm... lonely. Best word for it. I'd like very much to find someone with whom I can spend time; when it's available. Someone to talk to, aside from yours truly.

I won't deny that solitude has served me well; in the last month I managed to write an entire screenplay, My Neighbor is a Supervillain. I've never written anything so fast in my life. An abundance of after-hours freetime, unhindered by a social life, made that possible. Now I'm shopping for an agent. (Do wish me luck.)

So. Pros and cons, as with any damned thing. Nothing new. Regardless. It would be quite something to just connect, with the right person.

On a completely different subject, the apartment now has a fibreglass great white shark in it. Named Herman. Not *my* first choice for a name, but I didn't find the blessed thing, either.

Right. So. I hope all is well, folks. Any updates will be reported in due time. Cheers.



  • At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Heather said…

    I'm thrilled that your interview went well and that your job prospects are brightening. I hope that maybe you can find someone cool to hang with at work as well! We do miss you down here! :)


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