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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Admiration and Accomplishment (Alliteratively)

I could listen to Stephen Fry read from the phone book. There is no end to my admiration for the man. He's a gifted actor, a brilliant novelist, one hell of a narrator and oh yes-- writes a brilliant sketch.

I was lucky enough to have found one of his starring TV series, Kingdom, on I'm enjoying it immensely.

Is it weird to want or appreciate a role-model in one's late twenties? Aren't people 'done' by now, essentially? Cookies come out of the oven at some point, having received all the heat and time they need. I wish I'd discovered Mr. Fry a decade ago. No use weeping over spilled milk. One can only move on with some shred of enlightenment.

I admire the proper usage of words, I respect it. It's virtually as good as currency with me. Stephen Fry is an absolute master of it.

I'm a firm believer that one of the key reasons 'we are here' is to best express ourselves. Find the proper words, find the proper definitions. Say what you mean, in the best possible means. (I rather like that.) Admiration is like a coin in the pocket, already spent but still in hand. Given and had in the same silver disc. Currency. I like it.

Anyway. Stephen Fry is brilliant and the more people that know it, the better.

Him and Alan Moore.

Regardless, of late my writing has taken a larger role in my work than ever. I recently finished a screenplay, My Neighbor is a Supervillain. By the definition of others, it's cute, it's fun and it's just the right length. I've started sending it out to be considered by agencies, and will be doing more of the same on Memorial Day: preparing post to go out. What else are an abundance of paper, postage and envelopes good for?

I have to write. I have to keep writing. It's the best expenditure of my time. No two ways about it.

On a completely separate note; I attended a wedding reception tonight. It was charming, warm and sweet. The bride and groom were made for each other. An absolutely delicious feeling I haven't tasted in years-- that sensation of belonging with someone. Things did not work out with that particular someone, and part of me has been praying/waiting/hoping for a replacement (or qualified placebo) ever since. Life's just funny that way, innit.

Right. Be well, folks. Best to you and yours. More to follow.



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