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Sunday, August 19, 2007


I'm here in New York. Nearly every friend of mine in longer standing than a year is hundreds of miles away. This isn't to say anything against the friends I've made since I moved here-- I just want to see some old familiar faces. I think I need to.

A week or two from now I'm going to head down to Maryland, for a week. To meet my nephew Oscar, yes, but also to see some old friends. It will be as close as I've been to a vacation in years; regardless of the fact that I plan to get work done (when everyone else is at work, I might as well do the same).

In the meantime; there's work to be done to secure the future of Yellow Brick Monologues. Work that can only be done in New York; which is fine with me.

More to follow; on any topic that seems appropriate at the time. Ciao, folks.


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