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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Suffering Cats, There's Two Of Me

I recently joined a new improv team, Start Trekkin'. Needless to say the group is packed with some immensely funny people, and I'm pleased as punch that I could join them. That being said, these lucky punks have met me before. A narcissist's fantasy; a near-perfect clone without all the messy test tubes or waiting around.

Something a few of them have pointed out is that they know someone from California that looks, acts and sounds a great deal like yours truly. His name's Jordan, and we'll leave it that. Regardless, I've seen his myspace page and the resemblance is striking. Striking, I say.

If I say something, members of the team have been quoted to say "Yup, classic Jordan" or something to that effect.

I'd like very much to meet this handsome devil if only to prove to the rest of them that we're not the same person. He's never been to NY, nor I to LA, so up until now I've enjoyed the game of "What, Lois? You say I just missed Superman? Gosh, that's a shame." My teammates are hesitant to allow us to meet, as our being on the same coast (let alone in the same room) might cause a dimensional rift of some kind.

At least I'm comforted by the knowledge that I'm slightly older than this doppelganger, this replica, this... guy... That also does sketch comedy, improv, and other eerily similar veins of showbiz. I was here first. So there.


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