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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Brand Spankin' New Heroes Goodness

The wait is over!! Last night saw the premiere of season 2. Let the massive over-analysis begin! **Spoilers below**

#1. Raising the Stakes. There is now mention of a super-plague that hones in on heroes and saps their powers, then kills them. The krypto-virus will bear scrutiny.

#2. Trimming the Fat. Secondary and Tertiary characters are brushed off without a second mention. We can essentially not expect to hear from certain people again. Namely Matt Parkman's pregnant wife (guess the baby wasn't his), also Nathan Petrelli's entire family. Likewise, we probably won't see Claire's friend Zach again any time soon. Pity.

#3. New Mysteries. Quite a boggling set of questions to be answered. Who is after the senior members of the Company, or the Old Firm, or whatever they're called? HOW on earth did Nathan Petrelli survive a Nuclear Exploding Man? His brother knows how to recover. What's Nathan's excuse?

#4. New Characters. Maya and Alejandro, a pair of siblings from the Dominican Republic, bound for America and NYC. Bob, a veritable GoldFinger, with an offer from the Company to Mohinder. (Bob's played by Stephen Toblowsky, who has made a career of playing harmless-looking people that are a bit more dangerous than they seem. Woot.) West, a Flyboy who takes an interest in Claire at her new school. Takezo Kensei, a gaijin scoundrel in Feudal Japan that's far less impressive than the legends make him out to be. WOOT.

#5. Theories. ~~~Peter, alive and well, is found chained in a box in Ireland. He has no idea who he is, and displays new mimicked powers. My take: Peter's memory loss was possibly done as a preventative measure. When it isn't a reflex, he uses powers by remembering the people that originally had them. If he can't remember Mr. Nuclear, he would no longer be a threat. Did the Haitian have a hand in this?

~~~Maya and Alejandro are on the run, and desperate to stay together. They're separated, and Alejandro later finds her in a truck full of dead emigrants. Everyone's died by way of massive hemorrhaging. Does Alejandro have a power? Is it to keep his sister's powers in check?

The new season promises to be an interesting one. Can't wait to see the next one.



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