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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Moment of Clarity

I've been working on All Fall Down for some time now; and my productivity for the last few months has been spotty at best. Then last week, I fixed up Issue 5's script and by Tuesday, had gotten two-thirds the way through Issue 6. When I hit another wall.

It's not exactly a plot-wall; the whole series has been mapped out more or less from the beginning. Nevertheless; there that wall was. Then, last night, standing outside, I cleared my head and actually thought to myself "what to do about said problem?"

The answer came to me. It wasn't blatantly obvious or anything of the kind; it was just something that needed thinking about, and the solution presented itself. Today, I think I'll be able to polish off the first draft of Issue #6.

Here's hoping. More to follow, folks. Ciao.



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