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Friday, October 05, 2007

Words Should Be Used Properly

Okay! First post as a 27 year old. Woot.

I'm enjoying a show that premiered on my birthday, Pushing Daisies. It's funny, sweet and just a bit morbid. I like it.

My problem is with a word they used. A main character, Chuck, says she was strangled with a plastic sack. On a cruise, her assailant (wearing very nice shoes) puts a plastic sack over her head and cuts off her air supply.

I like Chuck. She's verbose, a voracious reader and stacks her books vertically when she runs out of shelfspace. I do the same thing.

Only problem is, she wasn't strangled with a plastic sack. She was suffocated with a plastic sack. I'll grant you, "strangled with a plastic sack" has a nice ring to it. Three short A's right in a row. "Suffocated with a plastic sack" doesn't flow nearly as well.

Anyway. Since I started this commentary, Chuck has admitted to being hoisted by her own pitard. Followed shortly thereafter, her murderer exclaims "For Pete's sake!' in a flashback. A murderer. The worst thing he can think to say is "For Pete's sake!"

I officially love this show.



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