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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bad Luck & Good News

Here's the straight poop.

A few days ago, my phone fell out of my belt holster thingie (the technical term) and clattered noisily to the floor. Since then, several buttons no longer work. Nothing important, just the SEND button. And the 5. Oh. The 7 and * buttons, too. I can't make outgoing calls to anyone that isn't already in my 'rolodex'. I took it to the store, and it can't be repaired.

That's bad luck.

The good news is they can replace it. The total fee I'll be paying is: $0.00. Whew. New phone should be here in two to three (business) days. They'll be able to transfer over my phone list, no problem. The saved pictures might be lost... but it's a small price to pay, all told.

What the hell, more good news while I'm at it. I have a short gig in the morning, at 8, so I'll be getting to bed early tonight, by hook or by crook. In this instance, crook = sleeping pill, since I've been somewhat nocturnal of late.

In any case: Best news of all? I have a meeting with a VO agent on Friday! Woo hoo! He's heard my demos and may have some scripts I can audition for. No idea what manner of work is available, but the fact that we're having a sit-down can only be good.

Ciao, kiddos. Off in a short while to attempt counting sheep. Adios.

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