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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stray, Random Thoughts

I'm re-reading Kingdom Come for the fourth time at least. A few months back I treated myself to the Absolute edition, which made a delightful difference. I've likewise acquired the Absolute Watchmen. I hands-down, flat-out, no-holds-barred love these books. These stories. They're remarkable. (And it's worth mentioning that Watchmen influenced Kingdom Come. Hell, it influenced comics in general. Yay Alan Moore. YAY.)

I'm writing a comic. It's a miniseries. It's self-contained. I won't lie, my influences are largely Alan Moore and Joss Whedon. I just want to write something with some meaning. Something with staying power. For all accounts, this could be it. It could work. It helps strongly that this is going to be published. I know it. The contracts have been signed. Can't wait for that day.

Anyway. That, among other things, is on my mind. So there ya go. Be well.

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