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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Long For Annotations...

I consider myself an intelligent person. Along with enjoying complex works, I also enjoy delving into the analysis of said works by more steadfast minds than my own.

To wit, The Fly (1986). I adore this movie. Top notch performances from Jeff Goldblum and Gina Davis. Superb makeup and special effects. Heartbreaking story.

Regardless of said intelligence, I lack the finesse to analyze the more specific elements of said sources of delight.

There was, at one point, an in-depth analysis on several levels of The Fly. I can't find it anymore. That annoys me. That annoys me greatly.

I have books for annotations on other masterpieces (more than one for the works of Alan Moore) and the fact that this one was online and now no longer accessible is just... flumoxing. I'm flummoxed. Damn it.

Anyway. Your daily allowance of pretentious meanderings from someone too caught up to actually sleep.

Ciao for now.


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