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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

Hello, dear readers. Lots to report so we'll dive right in.

I've been working steadily for almost two months at a bankruptcy firm-- business is booming. I have yet to run out of things to do, there. (It's good to be busy.)

I've been sending out vibes and the universe has been kind in response: I currently have more freelance work than I know what to do with. I love it. Some VO work, a ton of copy-editing to get through, and oh yes, back with a former employer to help him with his writing. Shazam.

It's a warm day, and I'll be taking in some Shakespeare in the park this afternoon, after I get a long-overdue haircut.

In other news, I had my first VO audition in far too long, this week. I think it went well, but only time will tell. I long to get back into the cartoon biz. That is all.

Working full-time hasn't hampered my creativity; I conjured up an idea for a comic book miniseries on Thursday. Will flesh it out a bit today before I put it aside; there are bigger pots on the stove that require my attention. Need to stay focused.

A series of random events led me to meeting a nice young woman on the subway; she was showing her visiting brother the Big Apple. We clicked in our brief encounter, and yours truly has a dinner date this Tuesday. I didn't think those sorts of thing ever actually happened-- random rendezvous leading to dates. Still, I guess this is how strangers become friends.

More to follow, folks. Ciao for now.